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The NorthEast Private Practice Network, LLC was formed in 2015 in an effort to bring health care providers in private practice together to develop economies of scale that will enable them to remain independent by reducing costs and improving quality of care.  Our members are dedicated to providing the best evidenced-based, cost-effective, hands-on care to their patients.  We believe that independent private practitioners are more dedicated to providing quality care and ensuring consumer satisfaction because the success of our business and personal reputation depends on it!   Therefore, our member clinics must be practitioner-owned, not owned by a monopolistic hospital system or corporate conglomerate.

Our Mission: To ensure consumers have continued access to cost effective, high quality, patient centered care by independent health care providers.

Our Members:  Currently our network members includes 27 independently owned physical therapy practices with 45 locations in 30 Maine towns and our membership is growing!

NorthEast Private Practice Network Membership Benefits:

  • Legal analysis of all Payer contracts through Simons & Associates Law
  • Updates, analyses and interpretation of Medicare and other federal laws and regulations that impact your practice
  • Health policy and advocacy services and resources for Maine and Federal issues
  • Free e-mail and phone Q & A on legal and compliance issues from Simons & Associates Law
  • Monthly e-newsletters on private practice issues, updates on payer issues, proposed laws and regulations that require advocacy efforts, law and regulations that require compliance and other issues of interest to our members
  • Monthly on-line webinars on pertinent practice management topics – 3rd Wednesday of each month from noon – 1 pm EST. On demand access to recordings of select webinars
  • Practice management resources, templates for policies and procedures and other information posted on the Members Only pages on our website.
  • Quarterly member meetings that provide an opportunity to network with other private practitioners
  • Complimentary registration for one person to the NEPPN Annual meeting
  • Free or discounted registration on other live or on-line continuing education courses we offer
  • Access to Vendor discounts
  • Simons & Associates Law offers members a discounted rate of $200/hour on legal services (discount of $50/hour!)

NEPPN Membership is open to health care providers in private practice by application.  Membership dues are $100/month billed to a credit card of your choice.  You will have to set up a PayPal account if you do not already have one to pay monthly.

To join, click here.



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