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We're excited about what NEPPN has planned in the upcoming year.  Thank you in advance for joining or renewing your membership.  NEPPN members are dedicated to providing the best evidenced-based, cost-effective, hands-on care to their patients.  We believe that independent private practitioners are more dedicated to providing quality care and ensuring consumer satisfaction because the success of our business and personal reputation depends on it!   Therefore, our member clinics must be practitioner-owned, not owned by a monopolistic hospital system or corporate conglomerate.

Our Mission: To ensure consumers have continued access to cost effective, high quality, patient centered care by independent health care providers.

To pay your annual dues of $1200

If you prefer to pay $100/month

If you are joining NEPPN for the first time, your membership is subject to approval by our Board of Directors.

Thank you again for supporting NEPPN's aggressive agenda to make sure private practitioners are heard!

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