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Do you need physical therapy

Are you looking for advice on losing weight, getting back in shape or preventing injury?

You don’t need a physician referral to see a physical therapist in Maine (though your health plan may require it as a condition of coverage).  Research shows seeing a PT early after an injury results in getting better faster at a much lower cost.  And masking the pain with potentially addicting pain medication doesn’t fix the problem.  Take control of your health by seeing a PT!

NEPPN member clinics are dedicated to providing the best evidence-based care at a reasonable cost.  And we’ll help you deal with your health plan to make sure you get the services your plan covers!  Most clinics offer before and after work hours and there is no wait for your initial appointment.  With 45 locations in 30 Maine towns from Bangor to Kittery, we most likely have a location near you.

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